Christine learned the HARD way that there are no shortcuts to weight loss-but, there are ways to make it EASIER. She tried every diet, every quick fix, and even weight loss surgery before she realized: nothing will work unless YOU do. 

Determined not to fail again, Christine found a path to success in all areas of her life that started with one simple truth: lasting transformation starts in the mind and burns through the body. 

She fell so in love with this process of redefining her life that she created a platform to offer her advice and support you on YOUR journey.

Christine has been featured in Shape Magazine, Fitness Magazine, as well as hundreds of articles around the globe for her 175-pound weight loss. 

Since her company's creation, she has now served over 6,000 women around the world and is ready to help YOU.

She is passionate, hungry, and determined to make the world a happier and healthier pound at a time.

She is SO convinced that you will LOVE her program, she's giving you the full experience for 7 days...FREE.

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