Healthy Hearts

Part of Weightlosshero's 3-pronged approach is a focus on heart work. Heart work includes daily Bible reading, a strong community of like-minded women, weekly Bible studies, and weekly live streams to focus on Biblical truths to shape our lives.

Healthy Minds

and make healthier choices. Let.s face it: most of us know the things we should and should not do to be happy and healthy...yet we struggle to consistently make the choices we need to make. The Workout Club has a major focus on the mindsets that are holding you back!

Healthy Bodies

We all know that taking care of our bodies is crucial, but finding the time to exercise can be tough. That's why our exercise programs are strategically designed to be effective and efficient, perfect for women who need to squeeze in a workout and get on with their day! No gym required and minimal equipment needed, our plans are tailored to fit into your busy lifestyle. Get the healthy body you need without sacrificing your valuable time.

What the program comes with:

  • Getting Started Guide
  • Monthly Workout Plans
  • Workout Tracker Sheets
  • Monthly Heart-Work Video
  • Monthly Mindset Video
  • Weekly Home-Based Workouts
  • Workout Videos with Modifications
  • Bible Reading Plan
  • Weekly Bible Study
  • Facebook Community


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