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The Weightlosshero Method

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The Weightlosshero Method is a Biblically-based weight management program that has a 3-pronged approach that focuses on total health and lasting transformation from the inside out.

This program is $27 and recurs every 28-days. When you join today, you will be charged $0 and given a 5-day free trial. At the end of that trial you will automatically be charged $27. If you desire to cancel or change your membership, simply email within 24 hours of your membership renewing. There are no contracts and you can come back any time!

Healthy Hearts

Part of Weightlosshero's 3-pronged approach is a focus on heart work. Heart work includes daily Bible reading, a strong community of like-minded women, weekly Bible studies, and weekly live streams to focus on Biblical truths to shape our lives.

Healthy Eating Habits

Let's face it: traditional dieting just doesn't work. We need to focus on our habits and make healthier choices. But, contrary to popular belief, eating healthy doesn't have to be boring! We make eating healthy easy, simple, and delicious.

Healthy Bodies

Healthy hearts need healthy bodies. Our exercise programs are strategic and effective and are designed for women who need to be in and out and on their way. We don't require a gym and use minimal equipment for our plans.


The Weightlosshero Method Includes:

Full access to The Weightlosshero Method which is an app-based program that includes:
  • Multiple Diet Plan Options
  • Weekly Meal Plans
  • Weekly Shopping Lists
  • The Meal Vault
  • Out to Eat Guide
  • Weekly Home-Based Workouts
  • Workout Videos with Modifications
  • Bible Reading Plans
  • Weekly Bible Study
  • Facebook Community
  • Video Mindset Series

This plan is a recurring monthly program that bills every 28 days. No contracts, hidden fees, or required products or supplements are required, and you can cancel at any time.

If you have membership questions, please get in touch with our Support Team at!

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