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90-Day Coaching Special

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Level up your weight-loss journey with our Level-Up Coaching program. In this program you are partnered with Coach Christine or Heath Evans to encourage you and hold you accountable to leveling up physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Power-pack your weight-loss journey with individualized support, guidance, and accountability with our Level-Up Program.

It is a privilege to be a part of the Level-Up Program-which is why seats are limited. This is for women who are ready for change, are tired of giving up, and are committed to seeing this process through once and for all.

90-Day Coaching Special:

Month One:

  • (1) 20-minute onboarding call
  • (4) 20-minute Zoom meetings (1/week)

Month Two:

  • (2) 20-minute Zoom meetings (1/week)

Month Three:

  • (2) 20-minute Zoom meetings with(1 every other week)


Here are all of the things included with our 90-day coaching special:

  • Initial 30-minute introductory call
    • Review of health history
    • Review of weight-loss history
    • Review of goals
    • Spiritual enrichment planning
    • Diet planning
    • Workout planning
    • Cardio planning
    • Hydration planning
    • Goal setting (weekly & monthly)
  • Weekly 20-minute check-in 
    • Review of where you started, where you are at, and where you are going to shape lasting perspective
    • Review of current progress
    • Goal planning and diet adjustments, as needed
    • Encouragement to keep sticking to the program
  • Weekly focused 15 min group Zoom call with Christine. Zoom call topics include:
    • Diet planning
    • Diet education
    • Exercise understanding
    • Overcoming emotional roadblocks
    • Powering through mental barriers
    • Deepening Biblically understanding
    • Healthy habits
    • Mindset strategies
    • Building blocks for success
  • Access to the Weightlosshero Method Program
    • Multiple Diet Plan Options
    • Weekly Meal Plans
    • Weekly Shopping Lists
    • The Meal Vault
    • Weekly Home-Based Workouts
    • Workout Videos with Modifications
    • Bible Reading Plans
    • Weekly Livestream
    • Weekly Bible Study
    • In-App Community
    • Facebook Community
    • Video Mindset Series 

    Next steps:

    Once you pay for the program, we will email you to schedule a date and get you ready for your session in advance.


    So now for the fine print, my fine friend...


    -We require 24-hour notice to modify or reschedule a weekly check-in appointment. Click here to review our entire cancellation/reschedule policy.

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