Coaching with Christine

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Take your weight-loss to the next level with a one-hour weight-loss coaching session with Christine from Weightlosshero!

What's Included in a Session with Christine

Christine Evans is the Founder and Director of Weightlosshero and has been helping women around the world lose weight for 5 years. Launched in 2017 as a full weight-loss program, Weightlosshero is now a lifestyle brand and coaching program that includes various program options with a Biblically-based focus. 
Christine learned the hard way that there are no shortcuts to weight loss. In her attempt to lose weight the easy way, she learned that the only way to see success in the long run is to focus on change from the inside out. Christine has, since, lost 150 pounds and maintained her goal weight for almost 7 years.

Christine is known for her honest and constructive feedback that will help you get over any current hurdles and take your weight-loss to the next level.

Topics for discussion can include:
-Diet planning
-Diet education
-Exercise understanding
-Overcoming emotional roadblocks
-Powering through mental barriers
-Deepening Biblically understanding
-Healthy habits
-Mindset strategies
-Building blocks for success

Each session includes:
-Christine's prep work for your call. You will be asked to answer a questionnaire in advance so that you can go right into the topics during your hour together.
-1 hour conversation with Christine (via phone) about your weight-loss questions and concerns.
-A recap email of your conversation and next steps to take into action.

Once you pay for the consult, we will email you to schedule a date and get you ready for your session in advance. Sessions will be scheduled during 9-10am CST OR 1-2pm CST on a weekday so please make sure those time slots work for you before purchasing a session. There are no cancellations or refunds.