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How to Know God

One of the most daunting tasks is to wrap your human mind around the idea of knowing a great big God! All of us, at our core, understand that there is something at the center of all of creation. However...that something is also a someone.

To start...keep it simple. There's no pressure. How do you get to know...anyone?

You get to know someone by spending time with them, communicating with them, and listening to them. Getting to know Jesus is exactly the same by spending time in God's word (the Bible) and praying. (I use a prayer journal daily...more on that in later video!)

I, personally, made the mistake of only listening to other pastors and to worship music to understand who Jesus is. While those things are certainly a great supplement...they are not the core of who God is. 

Can you imagine trying to get to know someone by only speaking to their friends/family? You might have a good idea of who that person is...but you wouldn't have any sort of relationship or personal intimacy with them!

We get to know God by reading his word and spending time in prayer.

The Bible can seem like a REALLY big book and make it feel like you don't even know where to start!

I highly recommend using a Study Bible (mine is the ESV version) and spending time reading the footnotes and introductions to each chapter.

I am currently following a Bible reading plan from the YouVersion Bible App (available on iPhone and Android). Under 'plans' they have many reading plans and other devotionals, as well. Just remember...nothing replaces reading the living, breathing Word of God.

Last-I recommend setting aside a specific time each day to spend time with the Lord. (Even better if you can have more than one planned!) We cannot expect to suddenly fall into a habit of diving into the Word every day any more than we can expect to accidentally work out. You spiritual muscle has to be worked just like your physical muscles do. Make a plan, set a time, and show up to see how knowing Jesus Christ will radically change you from the inside...out.

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Shelle Smith

Shelle Smith

February 13, 2021

Thanks so much I needed this program

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