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How Melinda Lost Over 125 Pounds


After I was diagnosed with PCOS and prediabetes, I started to research what I could do to help me get healthy, help my PCOS symptoms, and potentially stop me from becoming a type 2 diabetic.  Everything I found pointed to the ketogenic diet so I decided to go all in.  The change in the way I felt was almost immediate.  Within a week, I was able to stop relying on B12 tablets to get me through the day.  Within a couple of weeks, my energy really surged and the brain fog I felt for so long lifted & my mental clarity increased exponentially.  After a month, I started having a regular menstrual cycle after having gone 8-10 months without a period.  Overall, I just feel amazing.  I love the way this way of eating makes me feel.

A recent visit to my primary care doctor showed that my lab work has improved and I have no sign of diabetes, and I was told to keep up the good work and that I no longer need 6 month visits & they would see me back in a year.

Another reason the ketogenic lifestyle works for me is that it is very satiating and I don’t feel deprived.  Not only do I feel full/I rarely feel truly hungry, but this way of life allows me to have variations of foods that I like so that I can still enjoy myself within reason.

The mindset focus [of Christine’s program specifically] has also greatly attributed to my success.  I think it’s truly the most important thing to work on when you start trying to improve your life.  Because once the initial surge of motivation wanes, you’ve got to really work past the mental block of continuing to tell yourself “no” when you want to indulge or even quit. 

Going back to the things Christine has taught me and preached to us repeatedly has been a lifesaver in the tough times:

  • Determine WHY you’re doing this.
  • Focus on what you want most over what you want now.
  • Realize that it may take a long time but that time is going to pass anyway and it’s up to you to decide how you spend it.
  • Look to continue making progress over trying to obtain or maintain perfection.
  • Trust the process when it gets hard or you feel like you’re not seeing progress.

Having these things be at the forefront of the program has helped me stay the course for over 10 months now, without cheating/falling off track, and I’m constantly refining what I’m doing as I go so that I continue to make progress and get healthier.  I’ve gotten to a point now where I’m no longer having to make the choice to say “yes” to healthy options and “no” to unhealthy options—it’s just what I do now.  These are my habits.  I’ve worked really hard to build those habits over all this time and the program has really helped me be able to do that.

I truly feel like God led me to Christine & her program and I’m incredibly grateful.  I had no intentions of trying anything else.  I was weary and I was done fighting.  But I woke up one morning and was prompted to join the program—to just try ONE more thing.  I joined on a Friday and dove straight in on a Saturday – I didn’t even wait until Monday.  And now I’ve finally found something, after trying so many things throughout my life, that works for me and that I feel know I can maintain for the long-term.

Thanks for stepping out in faith in this new calling on your life, Christine.  You have no idea how much you’re helping those of us who need it.

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