3 Healthy Starbucks Drinks!

3 Healthy Starbucks Drinks!


Healthy Pink Drink

How to Order:

Order a grande iced passion fruit tea, no water, add extra heavy whipping cream, no classic syrup and 3-4 stevia.

35g F | 0g P | 4g NC


Iced Creamy Espresso

How to Order:

Order an iced doppio espresso, add 4 stevia and a splash of heavy whipping cream.

10g F | 0g P | 4g NC

Hot Short Keto Chai Tea Latte

How to Order:

Order a short chai tea latte with 2 chai-brewed tea bags (not concentrate), 2 shots of heavy whipping cream and 2 pumps of sugar-free cinnamon dolce.

5.5g F | 0g P | 1g NC


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I love to have them add a few pumps of the sugar-free vanilla syrup to the pink drink. And all for them to put it in a larger cup. (So you get all the drink, not a lot of ice and some of the drink!)


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