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A Goodbye to our Good Boy, Cody

I have avoided typing up this blog post for as long as I could because my heart has been heavy missing my boy. Cody was our old guy who was a Shar-Pei x Cane Corso mix. Cody was our sweet boy for one week short of five full years. He has been with me through so many seasons of life, so many moves, and so many ups and downs.

Just after Christmas, we had to put Cody down and say our goodbyes. This was an unexpected decision that didn't come without many tears, but the Lord has been so kind to comfort us through this loss and bring me to a place where I can share Cody's life and Cody's death with a half-smile on my face remembering the wonderful times he provided for us all.

In June of 2017 Cody was on death row. He had found himself in the pound for the 5th or 6th time. No one wanted him. No one understood him. He kept getting returned...and he had hours to go.

A sweet woman, named Teanna, saved him from euthanization in hopes of finding him a forever home. During a trip to Texas, she posted him on Craigslist and I responded to the post.

What I didn't know when I rescued Cody is that God was giving ME another family to step in and love me in a lonely season of life. I got a second mom, I got a second sister, and I found family who I would even spend a Christmas with. I didn't just get a furry companion that I so desperately needed...I found a family who I didn't know I'd love so much.

The day that I picked up Cody, his former Mom told me she was staying in a town called 'Granbury'. It's a small town in Texas that I had never heard of before. We met somewhere in the middle...but the Christmas' to come would be hosted in that little small town in the middle of nowhere. 

Six short weeks after we lost Cody, we got the call to pick up our four foster children. When I asked her where they lived, she suggested that we should meet in a town right next to them called...none-other, than Granbury, TX.

I couldn't help but smile at the providences of God. I have now had two families given to me out of a little small town called Granbury. I couldn't help but think how kind the Lord was to give me life from the very town that I had lost something great from. Even though this is not the exact application of the verse...God brought life out of what is now dead.

I'll never forget Cody. He was the sweetest, quirkiest dog I have ever met. I smile in his memory and am thankful for the time we had together. 

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