A Biblical Approach to Weight Loss

Weightlosshero is a Biblically-based weight management program that has a 5-pillar approach that focuses on total health and lasting transformation from the inside out.


The Weightlosshero Free Pass equips you with a getting-started guide and enriching Bible studies for women. Embrace this cost-free opportunity to boost your physical wellness and spiritual strength. Start your transformation now.

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The Weightlosshero Group Coaching program is the ultimate transformation system. This group-coaching model includes weekly group coaching, meal plans, workouts, Bible studies, and more!


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In this program, you are partnered with a dedicated 1:1 Weightlosshero Coach to encourage you and hold you accountable to leveling up physically, spiritually, and emotionally.


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Meet Christine!


Hi, I'm Christine, and I've been helping women lose weight for 5 years. After my own journey of losing 150 pounds (and keeping it off) I am passionate to help you find your healthy journey, too. 

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Group Coaching


Discover a holistic solution for lasting weight loss with Weightlosshero's transformative 5-pillar approach. Our method centers on comprehensive change from within, addressing every facet of your well-being. Our 5 pillars encompass God's Word, water, rest, movement, and macros, forming the foundation of a balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

If you have found yourself on the diet roller coaster...chasing results but never finding them, our group coaching program is for you. 

Our goal is to teach you what you need to know and to give you the tools to create the routines and disciplines you need to lose weight and keep it off...for life.

Our program has a 3-day free trial. Not a fit? Cancel immediately...no questions asked. Just log in cancel directly in your account.

Weightlosshero Group Coaching


then $27 per month

  • Weekly LIVE group coaching
  • Weightlosshero University
  • Weightlosshero Bible Studies
  • Weightlosshero Meal Plan System
  • Weightlosshero Meal Vault
  • Mindset Reset Video Series
  • Weightlosshero Workout Club
  • Weightlosshero Community



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